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How to convert 'DDMMYYYYhhmm' into 'DD-MM-YYYY hh:mm'

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Hi there,
I have some data (Please see attached the screenshot) in an Excel sheet. I need to convert it into timeseries with two coloumns. Basically, the first coloumn should the date and the second coloumn should be the values. I was wondering if anyone could help me with this.
The data is formatted in two columns separated by a single space:
The first column is the datetime in the following format: 'DDMMYYYYhhmm'. 'DD' is the day of the month as a two digit integer 'MM' is the month of the year as a two digit integer 'YYYY' is the year as a four digit integer 'hh' is the hour of the day (using 24 hour time) as a two digit integer 'mm' is the minute of the hour as a two digit integer.
The second column is the water level reading in metres in the following format: 'si.fff'. 's' is a prefix indicating if the reading is positive or negative positive readings are denoted by a space ' ' negative readings are denoted by a dash '-'. 'i.fff' is the height of the recording in metres
For example, the line '190120380314 3.142' would refer to a height of 3.142 metres recorded at 03:14am on the 19th of January 2038.
Thank you.
Kind regards,
Ali Saremi
Ali Saremi on 19 Jan 2021
@Stephen Cobeldick: Thank you for your reply. I have already uploaded the orginal data file. Look forward to hearing from you.

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Accepted Answer

Bjorn Gustavsson
Bjorn Gustavsson on 19 Jan 2021
Edited: Bjorn Gustavsson on 19 Jan 2021
You can do something like this to convert a date-string to another date-string:
datestr(datenum(char(['190120211029';'140219671940']),'ddmmyyyyHHMM'),'yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM')
You can of course replace '190120211029' with the string/char-array with your time instances.

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