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unitConvert isn't converting to Hz

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I'm using symunit and need to convert 1/sqrt(Henry*Farad) to Hz. I have the following test code:
L = 10*u.nH;
C = 10*u.fF;
unitConvert(1/sqrt(L*C), u.GHz)
The output is:
I think it should be in Hz but it doesn't convert to it. Am I wrong in saying Hz = 1/sqrt(Henry*Farad) or is it something wrong in the code?

Accepted Answer

David Goodmanson
David Goodmanson on 16 Jan 2021
Hi Henrique.
you can get there with
u = symunit
L = 10*u.uH;
C = 10*u.fF;
unitConvert(simplify(unitConvert(1/sqrt((L*C)), u.sec)),u.GHz)
ans = 10^(1/2)*[GHz]
but of course it would be a lot better if it just did the conversion you wanted in the first place.

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