How to create a packet sniffer with Matlab?

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Ilan on 11 Apr 2013
Hi all,
I'm a bit new with the use of Matlab for networking. I was wondering how can create passavie sniffer with Matlab. I have a Server that I want to analye using Matlab' sniffer.
I would be glad to get your help. Also, please keep in mind that I don't have much experience in Matlab so write your answer in a way I could understand.
Thankx in advance,
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Udaya RONGALA on 23 Jul 2013
I am also having the exact same question!! Did you succed in finding a way for this problem? Thanks.

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Answers (2)

Jason Ross
Jason Ross on 11 Apr 2013
Why not use a tool like WireShark?
I'm not saying you couldn't build a packet sniffer in MATLAB, but if you have work to get done right now, there are tools out there already that do this already, and do it quite well.
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Ilan on 11 Apr 2013
i want to analyze the data in matlab and I want it to be done automatic. If you know any ways or functions that could help get started I will be glad.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 11 Apr 2013
You cannot create a packet sniffer in MATLAB unless you call out to external routines that do all the work. Routines such as PNet, included in -- though I have not looked at that one closely enough to know whether it can be used for sniffing.
To make a sniffer, you need privileged access to the RAW socket interface; you can have a look at C code source examples for Linux over here

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