Open specific format file outside MATLAB ?

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Leo Zhai
Leo Zhai on 11 Jan 2021
Commented: Leo Zhai on 12 Jan 2021
When I double-click a .c file, it will be open by Matlab-editor, while I want it be open directly with external application (e.g. visual studio code),
(Tips: I know I could make it by 'Open Outside MATLAB')
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Stephen on 11 Jan 2021
"When I double-click a .c file, it will be open by Matlab-editor..."
Double-click where?
Are you double-clicking in the MATLAB IDE, or in your OS's explorer, or somewhere else?

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KSSV on 11 Jan 2021
Right click on the C on the "open with" and the choose "choose default program", after this selct your visula studio... this is not an MATLAB question eh.
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Leo Zhai
Leo Zhai on 12 Jan 2021
Sorry, mabye I did not describe my question clearly.
  1. the default program for .c is already visual studio code(VSC), if I open a .c file direcly (double-click a .c file on my desktop) it is opened by VSC.
  2. I meant in the MATLAB interface, if I double-click a .c file on "Current Folder", it will be open with MATLAB editor instead of VSC. I want 'double-click a __fileName__' is equivalent to

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