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Listbox, Pushbutton, Edit Text, and Uitable Combination to Input Data

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Hello friends,
I am a newbie in matlab, so I really need your help. I currently have 4 GUIs using guide. A listbox, a pushbutton, an edit text box, and uitable. What I am planning to do is : Typing a title of data in the edit text box (for example : 'Data A'), and by clicking the pushbutton, the title typed may appear in the listbox. And when I fill the data in the uitable, it would be specific for the 'Data A'.
Then I if I want to add another set of data, I would just simply type another title ('Data B'), and click the pushbutton so it would appear in the listbox. And the listbox would automatically select the 'Data B' (new inserted title). Also, the uitable would reset but does not erase the previous data which was filled in the uitable for 'Data A'.
Then, if I select 'Data A' in the listbox, the first set of data in the uitable would appear again, and so on.
How can I possibly do this?
Thank you in advance !

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