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Range of velocities for a camera to detect?

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Sanjeev on 5 Apr 2013
im doing a project on Moving Object Detection using MATLAB and using a Logitech Webcam C210. My professor keeps asking me on the range of velocities that the camera can process for the output to be detected. I do not have an answer for this. Do i have 2 actually go up to a highway and record different speeds of different objects?????

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Jan on 5 Apr 2013
Yes. Only testing means that the system is tested. It is not reliable to proove the validity of the complex sytsem by theoretical assumptions.
Every automatic pattern recognition system has a specific error rate. Due to the complexity of the system, it must be determined by exhaustive experiments. Without a determined error rate, it is not an instrument for scientific measurements.

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 5 Apr 2013
That's the best way. You at least have to know what the spatial calibration is - in other words how many pixels correspond to how many meters. And be aware that that factor can vary depending on the geometry because the same number of pixels will be a smaller distance if it's closer to the camera and larger if it's far away from the camera.


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