During parfor-loop, suddenly get the error "unable to read file"

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parfor k = 1:100000
% something else
tmpStruct = load(filename);
% something else
I have 3 scripts like the one above. I am running them on 3 different nodes of a cluster.
After some iterations, one job get the error "unable to read file, no such file or directory". This is confusing, since the file does exist and the other two jobs can read it.
I thought this is due to limited file handle of the linux system. But I don't understand why the load() function is related to file handle.
And, if they are related, how can I aviod this "limited file handle" problem? I tried to increase the file handle of linux, but it seems it will always exceed the limit if I run several jobs togegher.
By the way, I am definitely sure that I did not use fopen() in my script.

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