Is uicontextmenu working for R2020a? // Answer: NO. Use R2019b instead.

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Hi all,
So I have this function to zoom and pan the plot by clicking the right mouse button.
function zoom_pan
hCM = uicontextmenu;
hMenu = uimenu('Parent',hCM,'Label','Switch to zoom',...
hPan = pan(gcf);
hPan.UIContextMenu = hCM;
hCMZ = uicontextmenu;
hZMenu = uimenu('Parent',hCMZ,'Label','Switch to pan',...
hZoom = zoom(gcf);
hZoom.UIContextMenu = hCMZ;
The function allows me to switch between zoom and pan.
Yesterday, this function worked. But suddenly today is not working.
In this order, the default function is zoom-in. However, I cannot switch to pan function.
If I reverse the order, I can switch from pan to zoom, but I cannot go back to pan. This function was amazing for this purpose. Pan and zoom really fast and always available but clicking the right mouse button.
Do you know if the is some update regarding this uicontextmenu with R2020a?
Bruno Luong
Bruno Luong on 10 Dec 2020
Edited: Bruno Luong on 10 Dec 2020
uicontextmenu always works, up to R2020b, on standard figure/axes. You might experience different on uifigure, uiaxes.
Also pay attention if the uicontextmenu is not shadowed by other graphic objects that are plots on the same container.

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