Reshaping a matrix using a loop or any function inbuilt.

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Hello, Does anyone know how to reshape a m*n matrix into m*1*n matrix using loops or any other function. I would definitely appriciate if both the methods are illustrated.

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Jan on 21 Mar 2013
Edited: Jan on 21 Mar 2013
x = rand(3,4);
y = reshape(x, 3, 1, 4);
This is such efficient, that it is hard to dare to do this in a loop. Therefore I assume, that the problem is a homework question and to avoid cheating, I ask you to post, what you have done so far to solve it with a loop. Then ask a specific question to the occurring problems.
maharaj on 21 Mar 2013
I have a code which computes J matrix which is m*n and now i would want to change it into 3D m*1*n so that I can improve the quality of my image reconxstruction.

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Wouter on 21 Mar 2013
a suggestion: permute(matrix,[1 3 2])
this switches dimension 2 and 3 and effectively changes the size of your matrix
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Jan on 21 Mar 2013
This uses the clearly documented but confusing fact, that in Matlab missing trailing dimensions are assume to be 1 by default.

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