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How to use Vehicle CAN data in MATLAB workspace?

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Akshay Dhyani
Akshay Dhyani on 1 Dec 2020
  • I am looking to make a real time driving cycle for testing a truck on a chassis dynamometer.
  • I have a test cycle which is time vs vehicle speed. The target is to make a real time vehicle speed moving cycle. I have already figured out how to make a animated moving graph ( thanks to #MATLAB team) but I am stuck how to use vehicle speed data which is available on the CAN.
  • To access CAN, I have a tool which covert the CAN messages to ASCII (or can buy Kvaser which well known for CAN messages reader). But in order to use the CAN messages into MATLAB workspace so I can plot animate data do I need to use Vehicle Network Toolbox?
  • Is there a way in which I can do without buying this toolbox and if no then what CAN tools does it support?

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