Implement Simulink model on Arduino nano 33 ble sense

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Hi Matlab and Arduino geniuses! :)
I have an Arduino nano 33 ble sense board for which i want to implement a simulink model on.
I'm at an intermediate level using Matlab and simulink but quite new to arduino and has begun building a quadcopter from scratch. The Simulink support package for arduino does not seem to have the board in its portefolio thus causing me some trouble.
Has anyone found a workaround for making this work? I guess using the settings for another board will not work, as the 33 ble sense uses the nRF52840 micropresessor instead of an Atmel.
Is there a way of compiling the simulink model to c-code and implement that in Arduino IDE?
Or, even better, is there a plan for including the board in the support package in the near future?

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