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Combine signals of ePWM blocks to get other PWM signals

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I am using the Embedded Coder Support Package for Texas Instruments to control a F28377D controller.
I want to generate PWM signals using ePWM blocks. I know how to generate the signals from the ePWM block, but what I need is using the PWM output signals from the different ePWM blocks and combine them to obtain other PWM outputs. For example, the output of 1st ePWM block say is signal 1 (ePWM1A) and the output from the second is signal 2 (ePWM2A). I want to generate say signal ePWM3 which is (signal 1 XOR signal 2 =ePWM3A), and (signal 1 NXOR signal 2 =ePWM3B).
I used a MATLAB code in SIMULINK file to make the selection based on a duty cycle. Please run the attached “Openloop” module and you would know exactly what I want to obtain. I am just confused about what block I need to use to get the output of the ePWM1A & ePWM2A signals and use them as the input signals for the function block?
also would I need to change the stracture of the code in the function block to be applicable with TI code?

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