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Cut out all of a square array except for a specified NxN section in the middle.

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How can I take the following square array (or any other square array ebtered by the user) and take the center NxN square?
For example:
1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12
13 14 15 16
is entered along with specifications for the middle 2x2, so it becomes
6 7
10 11
Here is my code thus far:
function [FinalMatrix] = arraycenter(x, m)
% arraycenter takes a large square NxN matrix and trims away everything
% other than the center 'm'x'm' submatrix.
% x must be a square 2 dimension matrix that is at least 3x3
% m must be an integer less than or equal to N, and if N is even, m
% must be even, and vice versa
% Find dimensions of x and check to make sure it is a square, 2D matrix
columndim = size(x, 1);
rowdim = size(x, 2);
pagedim = size(x, 3);
if columndim < 2 || rowdim < 2 || pagedim ~= 1
error('Your first matrix entered was not two dimensional. Try again.')
if columndim ~= rowdim
error('Your first matrix was not a square. Try again.')
% Make sure m is the correct size
if m >= columndim || m >= rowdim
error('m is too large. Try again.')
% Make sure N and m match (N is odd, m is odd; N is even, m is even)
if rem(rowdim, 2) == 0 && rem(m, 2) == 1
error('N is even and m is odd. Try again.')
if rem(rowdim, 2) == 1 && rem(m, 2) == 0
error('N is odd and m is even. Try again.')
% Perform the operation to find the center matrix
As you can see, I have done all the data validation. I am stuck on the actual performance of the task.
Thank you in advance!

Answers (2)

Timo Dietz
Timo Dietz on 18 Nov 2020
Try this:
rowOffset = (rowdim-m)/2;
columnOffset = (columndim-m)/2;
centerMatrix = x(rowOffset+1:end-rowOffset, columnOffset+1:end-columnOffset);

Bruno Luong
Bruno Luong on 18 Nov 2020
Edited: Bruno Luong on 18 Nov 2020
This works on nd-array, any size (>=m) in all dimension:
i = num2cell(floor((size(x)-m)/2)+(1:m)',2)
FinalMatrix = x(i{:})



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