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Jocelyn on 13 Nov 2020
Answered: Alan Stevens on 13 Nov 2020
Good day,
I am recieving two errors in the following code. Your assistance in solving these errors would be much appreciated. Thanks
Error message 1 (Note: there is no 'line 51' in my code. The last line at 'T =' is on line 43:
Error using ^ (line 51)
Incorrect dimensions for raising a matrix to a power. Check that the matrix is square and the power is a scalar. To perform elementwise matrix powers, use '.^'.
Error message 2
Error in Assign5_Prob7 (line 37)
Vy(i) = (4*Vy_o)/((2+(k3*sqrt(Vx_o)*t(i)))^2) - g*(4*t(i)+(2*k3*sqrt(Vx_o)*t^2)+ ((k3^2*Vx_o*t^3)/3))/((2+(k3*sqrt(Vx_o)*t))^2);
for i = 1:6
x(i) = (i-1)*200*3;
y(i) = (i-1)*200*3;
Vx(i) = (sqrt(Vx_o) - ((k3/2)*x(i)))^2;
t(i) = (x(i)/Vx_o)*sqrt(Vx_o/Vx(i));
Vy(i) = (4*Vy_o)/((2+(k3*sqrt(Vx_o)*t(i)))^2) - g*(4*t(i)+(2*k3*sqrt(Vx_o)*t^2)+ ((k3^2*Vx_o*t^3)/3))/((2+(k3*sqrt(Vx_o)*t))^2);
T = table(x(:)/3, x(:), Vx(:), t(:), Vy(:), 'VariableNames',{'yards', 'feet', 'x -vel', 'time of flight', 'y-vel'})

Accepted Answer

Alan Stevens
Alan Stevens on 13 Nov 2020
It looks like you have some t's in your expression for Vy(i) that should be t(i).

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