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Onkar Khadke
Onkar Khadke on 13 Nov 2020
Commented: dpb on 14 Nov 2020
I am unable to view the plot after giving plot command. The figure window looks blank. I am attaching a snap of how it looks. Please help me with this.
dpb on 14 Nov 2020
What can happen to cause the symptom you saw before is, that without code between the time you created the figure you intended to plot into you may have looked at another figure manually. That user intervention would have changed the current axes from the figure so that the implicit handle in a plot() command without an explicit reference would use gca -- the one then being pointed at, not the figure that was created.
That's just one easy to visualize way that focus can change sorta' unexpectedly -- there are many other ways besides...hence the recommendation to always be safe when coding.

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