How to use convertTDMS script and what is the most efficient file format to post-process data in MATLAB?

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Iam working on a vehicle bench marking project and we are gathering GBs of data in .tdms format. I tried using the converTDMS function provided here : . However, it throws an error related to a function date2str - "Unable to convert vector to string data". So i decided to convert .tdms to .csv or .xlsx or .xls or tab-delimited using a python script and then convert it to .mat format.
So my queries are as follows:
1.) Is there a solution to convertTDMS function ?
2.) Which file format would be most efficient considering each file to be 5 to 6 GB in size and have around 600 columns of data ? - .csv or .xlsx or .xls or tab-delimited
Any help would be appreciated.

Answers (1)

Sylvain on 12 Nov 2020
the function TDMS_getStruct(filename) works well if your files are small. However it tends to open the whole file.
you can use other functions to get information on the size of the file and extract the set of data you want, so that you do not open the ful file.

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