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How to interface DSP kit with MATLAB

Asked by Chandra Shekhar on 11 Feb 2013
Latest activity Commented on by Jayant Lokhande on 2 Dec 2014
I have a matlab code for image comparison using optical character recognition(OCR). I need to compare real time images with data base,so i need to choose DSP processor for real time implementation.
Does any one know which is the best DSP processor for this application..?
Is it possible to convert MATLAB code to DSP processor compatible..? if yes, how..?
Is i need to use CCS compiler to interface DSP processor or MATLAB code is enough..?
Please any one help me or any links to get more information.
Thank You

1 Answer

Answer by Manikandan on 10 May 2013

you can use JTAG emulator to burn matlab code into DSP through CCS.

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can u please post about how to use the JTAG emulator.

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