Can i run matlab on i3 (dual core) with SSD and 8GB RAM

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I am having a4th gen i3 laptop with 4gb ram and hdd.
Matlab is running very slow. My usage is as an electrical engineering student, mainly simulink simulations for electrical networks.
But as am short on budget I would like to know if an ssd and a Ram upgrade to 8gb would make it work fine as on inspection from task manager while running matlab hdd and ram resources are @100% use while cpu goes to a peak usage of 60% - 70%.

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 27 Oct 2020
Yes, MATLAB will run on a dual core i3 with 8 Gb and SSD. Four core or more is recommended but it will run on two core
For current MATLAB versions of MATLAB, 8 Gb is about the minimum recommendation for use with Simulink.
The system you propose will still be a bit sluggish, but it is likely to be faster than what you have now.

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