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Is it possible to disable the items of listbox using m-scripting?

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Afifa Shaikh
Afifa Shaikh on 23 Oct 2020
Answered: Image Analyst on 23 Oct 2020
I want to disable the items of listbox after a particular string is found in the listbox item.
Is there any way to disable the items?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 23 Oct 2020
Yes, in the listbox click event, just immediately disable (deselect) any item that you don't want clicked on by removing it from the list of items they clicked on and sending the new selection(s) back to the listbox control. For example, in GUIDE:
% Retrieve what items were selected by the user.
selectedItems = handles.lstListbox.Value;
% See if item #3 was selected.
protectedIndex = selectedItems == 3;
% If 3 was selected, disable/deselect it.
if any(protectedIndex)
% Remove from the selection array variable.
selectedItems(protectedIndex) = []
% Update listbox with new selection.
handles.lstListbox.Value = selectedItems;

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