How to solve a set of equations with a vector as input

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I have to create a vector P that is made of 50 values ranging from 0 to 2*10^6.
Then I solve 3 equations and need to receive 3 vectors (with 50 values each).
I don't really understand how to do that; this is how I tried:
for P = [0:2e+6:50]
wm = (P/k)^(1/3);
ws = wm / (-1.008);
Ir = sqrt(P/(-0.567);
But I only receive one value for each of the 3 equations, not 3 vectors...

Accepted Answer

KSSV on 23 Oct 2020
Edited: KSSV on 23 Oct 2020
n = 1000 ;
P = linspace(0,50,n) ;
wm = (P./k).^(1/3);
ws = wm / (-1.008);
Ir = sqrt(P/(-0.567); % this will be complex note
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Lu Da Silva
Lu Da Silva on 23 Oct 2020
I think it's the other way around:
n = 50;
P = linspace(0,2e+06,n);
wm = (P./k).^(1/3);
ws = wm / (-1.008);
Ir = sqrt(P/(-0.567));
But yes I got it, thank you!

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