Create an animation to show that the ship is safe.

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An enemy submarine determined to sink your ship is sitting, torpedoes armed, exactly halfway between you and your home port. The submarine submerges to some fixed depth, and your ship now has no further information about its position. The enemy sub has to be directly underneath your ship to sink it — but the sub can track your moves with precision and respond efficiently. If your ship is fast enough, though, you will be able to set a wide course around the sub and reach port safely.
How much faster than the sub does your ship have to be to guarantee you can avoid the sub and get home?
I am trying to create ananimation for this . I am struggling. This is what I tried.
Couldyou please help me out.
theta = linspace(-pi,pi);
xc = cos(theta);
yc = -sin(theta);
axis equal
xt = [1 0.5 -1];
yt = [0 -0.4 0];
hold on
t = area(xt,yt); % initial flat triangle
hold off
for j = 1:length(theta)-10
xt(2) = xc(j); % determine new vertex value
yt(2) = yc(j);
t.XData = xt; % update data properties
t.YData = yt;
drawnow limitrate % display updates

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