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Are there any functions/blocks to print the spectrum of spectrum Analyser to file or just output its data to file automatically in simulink

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Geng Shao
Geng Shao on 30 Sep 2020
I do find there is a manual way that FIle->Print to Figure or Print Preview. But I got hundreds of cases to do, and up to 8 spectrums in one case. If I do them manually, my life will become miserable. I am wondering if there are some functions or blocks that can do it automatically.
Many Thanks


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Kiran Felix Robert
Kiran Felix Robert on 8 Oct 2020
Hi Geng
The Obtain measurements Data Programmatically for spectrum Analyser Block document shows you an example for storing the data from the spectrum analyser (Measurements) to MATLAB Workspace.
Refer to the getSpectrumData function to see the other data which can be collected from the spectrum analyser. This also includes the Trace Data, which you can save for future use.
You can plot the data and save to figure from a MATLAB Script.
Refer to saveas function documentation.
Kiran Felix Robert


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