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Hi all,
I am trying to use Simulink to simulate my Manipulator trajectory.
As you can see from Pic-1, I have my 3D CAD model imported into Simulink. I am trying to write my Task Planning, Path Planning, Trajectory Planning and finally Inverse Kinmeatics functions in Matlab functions, as shown in Pic-2.
My functions have generated a list of coordinates (position and Orientation) in End-effector coordiantes.
Now, I need my Inverse Kinematics functions, read from the coordinates list and calculate the joint movement for rach point of the trajectory.
I have a digital clock inputed to my Inverse Kinamtics functions, as I need it to run during the simulation time. The Sampling time of the clock can be set, but I am not sure how I can read from my coordinate list in a synchronized manner to follow the velocity profile I have already implemented in the trajectory planning section.
What I understand is that the Task planning, Path planning and trajectory planning functions needs to execute once. Then the Inverse Kinematics function needs to read from the list and generate associated movement for each joint, based on a set sampling time.
BUT not sure if my set up is correct and how I can read from a pre-defined list of coordinates in a simulation time.
Apprecitae your feedback.

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