Apply the interpreter latex just to a part of the legend title

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Hi, I would like to apply the interpreter Latex just to a part of the legend title.
In the following attempt all the legend title is completely interpreted as Latex, but I would like that only the $\\alpha_b$ part is interpreted as Latex
lgd = legend(myplot,'interpreter','latex');
A = sprintf('My quantity $\\alpha_b$ is > %d', mynumber);
lgd.Title.String = A;
Any suggestion? (maybe still keeping both sprintf and 'interpreter','latex') ?

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madhan ravi
madhan ravi on 14 Sep 2020
'\\textbf{My quantity $\\alpha_b$ is \\textgreater %d}' % ?
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Sim on 14 Sep 2020
Edited: Sim on 14 Sep 2020
Thanks Madhan! .
..Btw, the text you kindly showed has a font style which is different from the default font style of the legend (I don't know the exact name of the legend's default font) and I would like the same default font since I used it for the rest of my plots....... Do you think it is still possible? (i.e. using the legend's default font style for all the legend title except for the $\\alpha_b$ part, where I would like to use the font from interpreter latex)
I also tried this code without interpreter latex, but the $\\alpha_b$ part is not as nice as when using interpreter latex:
lgd = legend(myplot);
A = sprintf('My quantity \\alpha_b is < %d', mynumber);
lgd.Title.String = A;
Or should I accept this answer and create another question?

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