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How to hold colorbar in contourf plot

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Hello everyone
I want to plot a contorf plot in logaritmic scale. first I want to plot in normal to provide colorbar, then hold the colorbar and scale the datas to log10 and plot again. this is the code:
h = colorbar('YScale','log');
d = log10(c);
but the colorbar doesn't hold and when I re plot the the contourf, the colorbar is disappear, and if i plot the colorbar again, then it is shows the colorbar of new contourf which is wrong.
So, how can I plot the colorbar of the first contourf on the second plot of contourf? how can I hold or keep the colorbar? thanks.

Accepted Answer

Shashank Prasanna
Shashank Prasanna on 14 Jan 2013
I haven't tried this entirely, but instead of cla and replotting try
h = colorbar('YScale','log');
d = log10(c);
a = get(1,'children');
This is a crude reparenting of the colorbar from the original figure to the new one.

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