How to call a function within ax=gca format

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I got a plot
I want to colour the X Tick labels using cmu matlab package (
So, to call cmu function, just type
c = @cmu.colors;
c('deep carrot orange').
I tried this here,
ax.XTickLabel{1}= ['\color{black}' ax.XTickLabel{1}];
ax.XTickLabel{2}= ['\color{red}' ax.XTickLabel{2}];
ax.XTickLabel{3}= [c('deep carrot orange') ax.XTickLabel{3}];
But there is no label for 3rd position. I do not know how to call c here.

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Rik on 25 Aug 2020
Edited: Rik on 25 Aug 2020
This seems to be impossible. The closest I came was the code below.
c = @cmu.colors;
col=c('deep carrot orange');%returns this col=[0.9100 0.4100 0.1700];
%convert the triplet to a hex RGB color code
ax.TickLabelInterpreter='tex';%using 'latex' instead doesn't help
ax.XTickLabel{1}= ['{\color{black}' ax.XTickLabel{1} '}'];
ax.XTickLabel{2}= ['\color{red}' ax.XTickLabel{2}];
ax.XTickLabel{3}=['\color[HTML]{' col '}' ax.XTickLabel{3}];
Note that this function returns an RGB triplet, not some magic indication of what the color should be.
I must therefore echo Walter in that old post: you will have to live with the default colors or use text to replace them one by one
I stand corrected. It seems you can indeed use RGB triplets:
c = @cmu.colors;
col=c('deep carrot orange');%returns this col=[0.9100 0.4100 0.1700];
ax.XTickLabel{n} = sprintf('\\color[rgb]{%f,%f,%f}%s', col, ax.XTickLabel{n});
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Jose Rego Terol
Jose Rego Terol on 25 Aug 2020
Thanks for this workaround. Using the RGB triplet is good for my needs.
I used this latex format because of this code (
I can replace them one by one. No more than seven labels at the same plot.

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