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jibs on 10 Aug 2020
Commented: hosein Javan on 11 Aug 2020
I have a mat file named as xyz.mat, the mat file contains 10 variables named as a_1, a_2, a_3......a_10.
1. I want to develop a script that will load this mat file.
2. Load the variables and record their number 1 to 10 automatically.
3. since there are 10 variable (a_1 to a_10) , a function abc will be run 10 times, one time for each variable , the result after processing of each variable will be stored in varaibles R_1 to R_10. The script should be a generic one it will remain valid for even more than 10 variables.
jibs on 11 Aug 2020
Actually I'm using a simple gui, having single push button (Load_mat File). By pressing it a mat file is loaded.
The mat file has now 10 variables i.e (a_1 to a_10). It could have more than 10 variables as well. I want all of them to be loaded one by one progamitically after that a function y = abc , will be executed on all variables a_1 to a_10 and their result will be saved in variables R_1 to R_10.

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hosein Javan
hosein Javan on 10 Aug 2020
instead of a_1 ,a_2,..., define a vector "a" where its elements a(1), a(2), ... are your input argument. your function should look like this:
function R = abc(a)
% write your function
now for your script:
load('xyz.mat') % load input data a
R = abc(a) % call function abc and calculate R
save('Results.mat','R') % save R to the file Results.mat

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