How to concatenate a row of variable names and a double?

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I want to add my cell array of variable names to a double array of numbers. How would one do this properly?

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Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 3 Aug 2020
Edited: Adam Danz on 3 Aug 2020
You can concatenate them within a cell array. Based on your question and title, I'm guessing you've got a row of variable names and a row of numbers of equal length to the variable name array.
VarNames = {'Sofia', 'Plovdiv', 'Burgas', 'Varna', 'Veliko Turnovo', 'Haskovo', 'Ruse'};
values = randi(100,size(VarNames));
y = [VarNames; num2cell(values)];
2×7 cell array
{'Sofia'} {'Plovdiv'} {'Burgas'} {'Varna'} {'Veliko Turnovo'} {'Haskovo'} {'Ruse'}
{[ 82]} {[ 91]} {[ 13]} {[ 92]} {[ 64]} {[ 10]} {[ 28]}
Or perhaps you want a table
T = array2table(values, 'VariableNames', VarNames)
Result: (different random values)
1×7 table
Sofia Plovdiv Burgas Varna Veliko Turnovo Haskovo Ruse
_____ _______ ______ _____ ______________ _______ ____
4 85 94 68 76 75 40

Rik on 3 Aug 2020
If you want to mix data types: that's not going to be possible. Each variable in Matlab can only be single type, so something like the code below will not work.
['SomeRandomString1' 5;...
'SomeOtherString' pi]
If you want to store an array like that you will need a cell array:
{'SomeRandomString1' 5;...
'SomeOtherString' pi}
Now each cell acts as a container for a variable. In some cells you have now stored char arrays, and in others scalar doubles.


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