Error with Uniquetol: " Repetitive numbers not being removed"

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I have this double array by the name " GlobalNMesh", I am attaching the file.
It has some repetitive numbers, as shown
I am using
c = uniquetol(GlobalNMesh)
But I am not getting correct results, repetitive numbers are not being removed...
Does anybody know what changes to make?

Accepted Answer

Stephen23 on 19 Jul 2020
Set the tolerance to a suitable value, e.g.:
>> uniquetol(GlobalNMesh,1e-3)
ans =
0 0.0336 0.1199 0.1331

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dpb on 19 Jul 2020
Yeah, fix the magnitude of the tolerance interval you want distinguished--by default uniquetol(A) uses 1e-6 for single-precision inputs and 1e-12 for double-precision inputs.
Your values are different only in the 5th/6th position so need a tolerance to reflect that...
>> format long, format compact
>> diff(GlobalNMesh)
ans =
0.033640000000000 0.086250000000000 0.000010000000000 0.013160000000000 0.000040000000000
>> fix(log10(diff(GlobalNMesh)))
ans =
-1 -1 -4 -1 -4
>> uniquetol(GlobalNMesh,1E-4,'DataScale',1)
ans =
0 0.033640000000000 0.119890000000000 0.133060000000000


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