Finding Frequency range from Time series

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I am trying to find the frequency range from the time range that I have made. I read the FFT documentation, but it is not working for my code.
spindle_speed = 960
n=1; % number of cycles
c = inv(spindle_speed/60)*n ;% maximum time limit
d = c/100; % number of steps to divide the time range
t =[0:d:c]
f = spindle_speed/60*(0:d:(c/2))/c;
This code works for a single cycle, the frequency should be
f = 1/(2*t)
But for more than 1 cycle, this code is not giving correct answers
Does anyone know?

Accepted Answer

Chris Dan
Chris Dan on 9 Jul 2020
This works for me
Fs = 1000; % Sampling frequency
T = 1/Fs; % Sampling period
L = 128; % Length of signal-63 for one cycle
t = (0:L-1)*T; % Time vector
f = Fs*(0:(L/2))/L;

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