hello everyone please can someone help me with stock price prediction. That is I wrote this code and from the I vector , I want a code that will remove indexes from the I vector more than 60 seconds. Thanks

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LSE_matrix =log(nstock_val); %log of the data
I=1:(size(LSE_matrix,1)-1); % selecting the indices of all prices but the last time when stock was opened
dLSE_col1 = LSE_matrix(I+1,1) - LSE_matrix(I,1);% log difference

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Accepted Answer

jonas on 6 Jul 2020
Edited: jonas on 6 Jul 2020
You can adapt this to your needs
A = readtable('LSE1.csv')
t = datetime(A{:,1},'inputformat','dd.MM.yyyy HH:mm:ss.SSS')
data = A{:,2:end};
id = [false;diff(t)>seconds(60)];
data(id,:) = [];
t(id) = [];
If the period between t(n) and t(n+1) is longer than 60s, then the data recorded at t(n+1) is deleted.

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Afua Amoako Dadey
Afua Amoako Dadey on 6 Jul 2020
Please find attached


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