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Changing the number of xticks on heatmat (without changing the data)

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I am creating a heat map where the x-axis is a datetime when a measurement was taken. I have about 100 times when data was recorded. When all 100 ticks show up on the x-axis, its not legible so I want to only display time labels for every 10th measurement. I have tried using
ax = gca;
ax.XDisplayLabels = [date(1:10:end)];
But I get the error message "'XDisplayLabels' vector must contain the same number of elements as the 'XDisplayData vector'".
How do I map all 100 columns of data but only display every 10th xtick label?

Answers (1)

Sindar on 25 Jun 2020
If that doesn't work, it sounds like
ax = gca;
ax.XDisplayData = [date(1:10:end)];
% probably not necessary
ax.XDisplayLabels = [date(1:10:end)];
is the version of your solution that will work.
p.s. be warned that "date" is an existing function
Sindar on 25 Jun 2020
It's not looking good. The properties I'd change just don't seem to exist for heatmap objects
Camille Woicekowski
Camille Woicekowski on 25 Jun 2020
Yeah, same. These properties don't seem to exist for heatmap, which is frustrating. Thanks for your help though

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