First adjacent difference greater than a certain value

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I have a table of measurements and the corresponding depth where the measurements were taken. I want to find the first location where the difference between two adjacent measurements is greater than a certain value.
For example, if I set the max difference to be 1 and I have
Depth Temp
12 cm 2
10 cm 1.3
8 cm 1.8
6 cm 0.5
4 cm -1.2
2 cm -2.5
I want it to return 6 cm, because that is the first place where the difference between adjacent temperatue values is greater than 1
Is there a command that would allow me to do this?

Accepted Answer

madhan ravi
madhan ravi on 18 Jun 2020
Edited: madhan ravi on 18 Jun 2020
TabLE.Depth(find(abs(diff(TabLE.Temp)) > 1, 1) + 1)

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