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Simulink-style Custom Gauges in App Designer/Matlab

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Daniel Plotnick
Daniel Plotnick on 12 Jun 2020
I recently came across this neat tutorial on how to make a set of custom UI gauges in Simulink. I was hoping to find the same or expanded capability in Matlab itself and/or the app designer. Is it possible to build a gauge in Simulink and then import it into Matlab as a UI element?
The key components that are useful here, compared to the uigauge
  • Custom gauge background from SVG file
  • Custom gauge needle from SVG file
  • Custom gauge colorbar position
I am not very familiar with Simulink, so I don't know if it is possible to incorporate a simulink-built set of UI controls into a standard Matlab called function.
Another reason I am interested in doing this from Matlab is that the gauge could then be constructed programmatically by selecting gauge backgrounds and needles based on parameters.
Finally, I think something similar must be possible after looking at the flight instuments in the aerospace toolbox. I was hoping to use those as a springboard, but they are unfortunately p-coded. I think they must use something similar, since the various tools look like they are constructed from custom vector graphic needles, backgrounds, and linear gauges.
So, if I wanted to build custom gauges with similar functionality to the flight instruments, inside Matlab or the App Designer, is there a good resource to start with? My Google-fu keeps sending me back to the same 5 tutorials on simulink or the aerospace toolbox.
Cheers y'all.


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