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"Error: using netcdflib 'dimids' should be double precision" when trying to create variable in NetCDF file

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Victoria Dutch
Victoria Dutch on 4 Jun 2020
Commented: Victoria Dutch on 7 Dec 2020
I'm trying to create a NetCDF file of some timeseries data. I've successfully defined the dimensions and global attributes for my data, but when I try to write my first variable, I get: Error using netcdflib 'dimids' should be double precision.
This is the code I have written to create the variable, and it's the third line that produces the error:
varid = netcdf.defVar(ncid,'Shortwave','double',['lon',1,'lat',1,'time',744]);
netcdf.putAtt(ncid,varid,'long_name','Incoming Shortwave Raditation');
netcdf.putAtt(ncid,varid,'units','W m^–2');
netcdf.putAtt(ncid,varid,'mode','time varient');
for t = 1:sz
I've googled and the default precision for numbers in Matlab should be double, so I have no idea where this error is coming from.
Victoria Dutch
Victoria Dutch on 7 Dec 2020
Sorry for taking an age to reply - that code does work. How would I then fill "Shortwave" with the information I want it to contain?
I thought I'd managed to fix this, but what I had created was a 744x1x1 nc file, rather than 1x1x744, so the model I need to use it in is not a fan.

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