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filter data based on row value(text) ?

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MUKESH KUMAR on 3 Jun 2020
Edited: Mohammad Sami on 3 Jun 2020
I had data similar to shown in image1 and want to exteract data for all data for first column for all rows like image2, on for all individual routes of column one.
how to filter data based on text values. Sample data is attached in excel file
Here is further followup question after this,
if first column has time varying throughout the day time of 24hr then how can I distribute this data with probability distribution having probality in night is higher during 10PM to 5AM and low in day time.
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Mohammad Sami
Mohammad Sami on 3 Jun 2020
Edited: Mohammad Sami on 3 Jun 2020
Matlab supports various string comparison options.
contains Determine if pattern is in strings
matches Determine if pattern matches strings
endsWith Determine if strings end with pattern
startsWith Determine if strings start with pattern

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