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using a nested for loop to walk through two matrix

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Use a nested for loop to printout all values (one by one) for both S and T. To control your loops, use variables/numbers based on the results of using the size command.
S = [6 -10 4; 10 7 5; 3 9 5]
T = [-2 4 -10;3 -10 -8;-7 -5 7]
here is what i was thinking:
for s = 1:1:size(S)
for t = 1:1:size(T)
the problem with this is that the printout is only printing the index numbers not the actual matrix.
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Jan on 14 Nov 2012
size(x) replies a vector, such that 1:size(x) will nbot necessarily reply what you expect. Use numel(x), length(x) or size(x, dim) instead.

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Accepted Answer

Harshit on 14 Nov 2012
Use [S(s),T(t)] instead of [s,t]

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