The ecdf(x) always starts from the origin of the axis

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The curve of ecdf starts at f(x)=0.2, x=0.04, but MatLab doesn´t feel it is a good beginning, so the curve always starts from f(x)=0, x=0. I cannot change it, and it pissed me off because I cannot interpret the curve onset accurately. I am using ecdf because I want to plot the cumulative frequency distribution. I want to remove the part of the curve within the red rectangle.
Any workaround?
Jose Rego Terol
Jose Rego Terol on 26 May 2020
Ok, I got the problem. The variable has many zeros. It should not have happened. Thanks anyways.

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Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza on 26 May 2020
Try this
[f, x] = ecdf(fluc_freq);
mask = x > 0;
plot(x(mask), f(mask))

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