Simulink: Product block forces wrong dimension size

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Hello all
I have a bit of a problem. My simulink model has an dimension error, but i cant understand why.
I need to perform the calculation x * x^T, in order to get a 5x5 result. (x is 5x1). But simulink "wants" to do x^T * x, to get a 1x1 result.
When i use the same block (copy-pasted), only connected to a display, it works as intended.
I have attached the files nessensary to run the model. The error takes place in a block called "ID block"
I have found, that if i disconnect a signal called "theta" from another block called "controller", the error disappears.

Accepted Answer

Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza on 24 May 2020
You need to attach a reshape block. See the image

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