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Draw a line between two points on plotted data and compute its length

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Hi All,
Suppose we have a set of 2D points:
px = [1, 2, 5];
py = [1, 2, 1.5];
When we plot these points, we get 3 distinct points:
plot(px, py, 'r*')
Is it possible to draw a line connecting any two of those directly on the figure and measure the Euclid distance between them?
I don't need to PLOT a line. I need to click at one point and move the mouse to the second point to draw the line and measure the Euclidean distance between them,.

Accepted Answer

KSSV on 21 May 2020
px = [1, 2, 5];
py = [1, 2, 1.5];
x = [px(1) py(1)] ;
y = [px(2) py(2)] ;
z = [px(3) py(3)] ;
d = sqrt(diff(x)^2+diff(y)^2+diff(z)^2)
Asatur Khurshudyan
Asatur Khurshudyan on 22 May 2020
It could be more useful if you edit the answer and add the drawline there.

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