Using more than 3 B200mini SDR's with USRP Toolbox will not work

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I need to run 4 B200mini SDR and up to 3 SDR work well. However, upon adding a 4th SDR, the application stucks and the RAM memory gradualy increases till the computer runs out of memory. I observed that phenomen on different Windows computing platforms. I also tested the Communications Toolbox Support Package for USRP Radio versions R2018b and 2020a and the problem persists.

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Andre Franke
Andre Franke on 6 Feb 2022
USRP Toolbox does not properly support 3+ Ettus SDR's so I finally developed a surrogate Toolbox which is based on Ettus UHD driver. To coherently operate multiple SDR's, there are dedicated control processes (implemented in C++ with Visual Studio) for each SDR. The processes communicate via Shared Memory to another C-application and a Matlab System with Simulink.




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