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Copy a figure to UI

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Shambhavi Adhikari
Shambhavi Adhikari on 18 May 2020
Commented: Tommy on 19 May 2020
I have a gcf generated in between the code and i want to project it to a UI. I am doing this so that a user with no MATLAB can still see my figure after i convert my code to standalone application (exe).
But, i am running into issues. Can you please help me here? This does nothing.
uicontrols = findall(hf,'Type','uicontrol','Parent',hf);
% Specifying the parent will remove children of children of hf from the list
childObjects = get(hf,'Children');
types = get(childObjects,'Type');
uicontrolIndecies = strcmp(types,'uicontrol');
uicontrols = childObjects(uicontrolIndecies);
Pix_SS = get(0,'screensize');
% Generate a figure
width = 800;
height = 600;
height_offset = Pix_SS(4) - height - 100;
fig = uifigure('Name','Plot1','Position',[50 height_offset width-50 height]);
p = uipanel(fig,'Position',[50 height_offset-100 width height]);
Christophe on 19 May 2020
In the first line, gca is the current axes handle. In the second line, you are searching for uicontrols inside the axis object.I don't think you can find anything inside an axis. And the function copyobj may not work withthe "new" uifigure.
Tommy on 19 May 2020
I don't believe you need to use a uifigure if you want users without MATLAB to be able to see your figure. Have you tried compiling and running your program while leaving the figure as a figure object?

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