How to edit grid lines on a 3D plot

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Hans123 on 14 May 2020
Answered: Tommy on 14 May 2020
I am trying to change the traditional grid on a MATLAB figure to one that I have calculated according to my data points.
I have a used
[X,Y,Z] = meshgrid(xdim,ydim,zdim);
and using grid on wiil not cause the grid on my 3D plot to have the same divisions.
Could someone point out how I can fix this?
Hans123 on 14 May 2020
Edited: Rik on 14 May 2020
for i=1:length(g_x)
plot3([g_x(i) g_x(i)],[g_y(1) g_y(end)],[g_z(1) g_z(end)],'k') %xz grid lines
hold on
for i=1:length(g_y)
plot3([g_x(1) g_x(end)],[g_y(i) g_y(i)],[g_z(1) g_z(end)],'k') %xy grid lines
hold on
for i=1:length(g_z)
plot3([g_x(1) g_x(end)],[g_y(1) g_y(end)],[g_z(i) g_z(i)],'k') %zy grid lines
hold on
Is my fix for a 3D plot, however it dows not work as I expect to. I am trying to get a xz,xy, and, yz plane all to intersect and form a grid

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Accepted Answer

Tommy on 14 May 2020
It seems to me that Dillen.A's answer from your link is pretty elegant.
Adapting that code to work with 3D axes:
f = figure;
ax1 = axes(f);
surf(ax1, peaks(50)); % example plot
grid(ax1, 'off');
axis(ax1, 'tight');
% Second invisible axes:
ax2 = axes('Position',ax1.Position,...
'TickLength',[0 0],...
% Set the ticks to whatever you want:
ax2.YTick = linspace(ax1.YLim(1),ax1.YLim(2),5);
ax2.XTick = linspace(ax1.XLim(1),ax1.XLim(2),5);
ax2.ZTick = linspace(ax1.ZLim(1),ax1.ZLim(2),5);
% Show the gridlines, link the axes:
grid(ax2, 'on');
linkprop([ax1, ax2],{'CameraUpVector', 'CameraPosition', 'CameraTarget', 'XLim', 'YLim', 'ZLim'});
Credit to this answer for the code which linked the two sets of axes.

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