How to use radio button and push button together

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Hey guys, i'm a beginner in creating GUI and i can't really understand that how can i use a push button with radio buttons.
For exampe: i will enter 2 numbers to make a operation and i will select the operation with radio buttons and then i will print it to a static text.
(enter 2 numbers - select an operation - click push button - see the result)
Mohammad Sami
Mohammad Sami on 11 May 2020
You can build your app in app designer. App designer has a built in tutorial to show you how to build an app.
You can easily drag and drop the ui element and then add a callback function on the push button to calculate the results.

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Payas Bahade
Payas Bahade on 13 May 2020
Hi Oguzhan,
I have created an app in which you can enter two numbers and select the operation using radio buttons and results are shown once you click ‘Calculate’ push button. I have also shared the app file in attachment.
Kindly refer this documentation link to know more details about app building using App Designer.
Hope this helps!


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