How to resolve "Conversion to double from cell is not possible." in simulink/simscape

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I have built a quite large model in simulink which also includes a "physical" system which is modeled using the simscape toolbox. The model includes a ship subject to environmental loads and is actuated with a controller and a thruster, where the thruster is modeled using simscape.
The simscape model seems to work perfectly fine, but will not operate in the same model as the subsystem creating the waves. So, when the wave module is commented out, it works as it should, but when the it's included I get the following error: "Conversion to double from cell is not possible.". To make it run again, I have to restart matlab.
The wave module is taken from the MSS (marine systems simulator) toolbox.
Is there a way to solve this? I've tried converting the simscape model to an s-function, but was told it's not supported as of now. I've also tried converting the wave module to an s-function, but that is also not supported.
Is it possible to convert the simscape model to a conventional simulink diagram?
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Olav Landstad
Olav Landstad on 30 Apr 2020
Or is there another way to have them coexist in the model without the wave module sabotaging for the simscape model?

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