how to generate bandpass signal

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tuo on 29 Apr 2020
how can i generate a signal. Its sampling frequency is 60MHz, signal center frequency 15MHz, bandwidth 5MHz (-3db).

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Rahul Narendra Shanbhag
Rahul Narendra Shanbhag on 19 Jun 2020
From what I have understood, I will be assuming that you want to apply a bandpass filter with the mentioned parameters, to a signal that you have generated.
MATLAB has a bandpass function to help you do so.
If you have a signal with multiple tones and you wish to apply a bandpass filter to it for said parameters, it would be along these lines:
bandpass(signal, [f1 f2], fs)
Where signal would your generated signal, f1 and f2 would be your passband frequencies 12.5MHz and 17.5MHz, since the BW is 5MHz, and fs would be your sampling frequency which is 60MHz.
For more information, please refer to this document on bandpass function
Hope this helps

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