How to check whether a specific variable is empty or not in table type

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Hi, please see the follwing figure.
As you can see, in this 'table' type variable, some rows does not have 'ls_max_tone' and some have 'ls_max_tone' .
'ls_max_tone' variable is defined as 'cell' type.
I can find which row has 'ls_max_tone' variable using for loop. However, I know this is not efficient way.
Is there any efficient way such as
T_data(T_data.temperature >50, :)
which returns all rows that temperature value exceeds 50.
Thanks in advance.

Accepted Answer

Tommy on 17 Apr 2020
T_data(~cellfun(@isempty, T.ls_max_tone),:)
This will return a table containing only the rows where ls_max_tone is not empty.
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Sangmin Lee
Sangmin Lee on 17 Apr 2020
Thanks a lot!
I am always having difficulty in using cell array and cell function (@).
It works!

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