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How can I use App Designer to control, tune and visualize my real-time application running on a Speedgoat computer?

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I am interested in developing a custom GUI using App Designer to control, tune and visualize my Simulink Real-Time (SLRT) application running on my Speedgoat target computer. How can I do this?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 6 May 2024
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 6 May 2024
Here is a summary of tools, resources, and tips for creating a Simulink Real-Time (SLRT) app:

Upgrade MATLAB to a newer release

Expanding App Designer support for SLRT is an active area of development and we recommend using the most recent MATLAB release if possible. For details on new features and recent changes, refer to the SLRT Release Notes.
In addition to this, App Designer underwent significant refactoring in MATLAB release R2022b. So we recommend upgrading to R2022b or beyond for improved overall performance and responsiveness of the app.

Use SLRT App Generator

In the release R2022a, we introduced Simulink Real-Time App Generator. It enables you to automatically generate an App Designer app from a model. You can then open the generated MLAPP file in App Designer for additional changes. The App Generator can save you a lot of time compared to designing the App from scratch.

App Designer Basics for SLRT

To design your app from scratch, or further customize your SLRT App Generator generated app, the following tutorials are a great place to get started:
Use the following objects and functions in the app code and callbacks:
  • To control your real-time application, use the 'slrealtime' target object.
  • To tune parameters via UI components (e.g. Knob, Switch), use a ParameterTuner, or use 'setparam' in the component callback.
  • To configure signals for live streaming to your app, use instruments.
  • To plot signals, bind instruments to Axes components using connectLine.
  • To display signals in other UI components (e.g. Numeric Edit Field, Gauge, Lamp), bind instruments to components using connectScalar.

Use SLRT UI Components

In newer releases, the Component Library in App Designer includes a set of dedicated Simulink Real-Time components that support common operations that interface to a real-time application. For more information, see Create App Designer Instrument Panels by Using Simulink Real-Time Components .
The following screenshot shows all SLRT UI components that are available in the release R2024a:

Create a Standalone SLRT App

If you have a MATLAB Compiler license, you can compile your App Designer GUI as a standalone executable to run it on a computer without a MATLAB installation/license. For more information, see:Can I use MATLAB Compiler to create a standalone app for controlling a Simulink Real-Time application in R2020b and later?

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