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How to access Hydraulic Power value from Pump block?

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I am designing a wheel loader system in which I have to analyse efficiency.
My approach so far is to calculate such efficiency with the power induced by the Fixed-Displacement Pump and the power developed by the Mass.
I've found two ways to obtain my Mass Force and Speed (mechanical sensors and Probe) so I can calculate it power.
However, even though I can see my pump Hydraulic Power in the Simscape Results Explorer, I can't manage to extract it for calculations with sensors or a Probe.
I am using 2020a version.


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Accepted Answer

Yifeng Tang
Yifeng Tang on 17 Aug 2020
Hi Lucca,
The Probe right now only works with quantities that is visible in the "variables" tab of the block, so you are right you won't be able to measure that directly. I can think of two possible solutions:
  1. see whether deltaP * Q gives you the right pump power. You may use a pressure sensor for the pressure increase over the pump and a flowrate sensor for Q.
  2. access Simscape result AFTER the simulation using command line and plot. See this documentation page for more info:
Hope this helps.

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Lucca Martinelli
Lucca Martinelli on 18 Aug 2020
I endup using a Rotational Power Sensor block to estimate the power input to the pump and I believe it worked out well.

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