How to Change TimeStamp for multiple files/folders? (via PowerShell)

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I've found the following command:
!powershell $(Get-Item temp.m).lastwritetime=$(Get-Date \"11/24/2015 05:00 am\")
Indeed it changed the "Date Modified" of my temp.m file to be 24-Nov-2015 05:00.
Now I'd like to run it in a loop, where I can control the file name (or folder name), and also control the date?
For example -
I have 90 folders. I'd like to give to the first 5 certain date, then to the second batch of 5 folders give another date, etc...
I'm quite newbie with PowerShell syntaxing. Apprecieate the help.
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shirish pataki
shirish pataki on 2 Jul 2020
default_dir = < Directory where file is present >
DestinationFileName = 'ABC.m' - You can choose it in a loop
system(['powershell $(Get-Item ' default_dir '\' DestinationFileName ').lastwritetime=$(Get-Date \"11/24/2015 05:00 am\")']);

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